Once again, I’m upgrading my personal website. I think the last version was online for about least 3 years. I don’t really remember. It wasn’t really used anyway. I decided to change the website because I needed a place to post information about one of my projects. And since I was setting up my VPS again, it seemed like the right moment. The decision for the environment fell on WordPress. Mainly because I don’t really care what kind of CMS I use. I just needed a blog/CMS kind of thing, that would make it easy to put information up. WordPress has a big user base and therefore offers a lot of support, plugins and themes. Exactly what is needed if you don’t want to think about this kind of stuff.

I will be using this website for everything I need it to. That means, information about my projects that I want to share with friends, family and the internet. And also the old stuff that was on the older version of this website. In reality this is only the Tetris java applet and the m4Curling java game. I actually plan to finish the latter at some point.

Will I post blog posts? I’m not planning to. That is not what this WordPress installation is for. But that said, I may use this environment here, as an output for ramblings of mine. I distinctively remember a couple of times I just wanted to write something down, and now I have the chance and the tools to do it. That doesn’t mean I will though. Writing is really not my strong suit. I did a couple of posts on a blog on blogger.com (I think). I may migrate these posts on this website on a later date.

Also I will make a post in the near future (maybe today), about the VPS this website is running on, and explain why and for what I use it.